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International Life Insurance

You can get U.S. Life Insurance even when living abroad.

Thanks to recent changes in life insurance underwriting, international clients can now purchase U.S. life insurance. This is great for the consumer as U.S. policies are superior in both price and product quality. Spetner guides you through the process and makes sure that you receive the best possible plan.

US life Insurance for Israel Residents

A US insurance policy can be purchased at very affordable prices with a contract that guarantees no premium increase for up to 30 years. Israeli policies can cost 3-4 times as much to get started and then hit consumers with ever increasing premiums.

In Israel today there is no such thing as permanent insurance which will last one’s entire lifetime. In the U.S. life insurance market, there are products which are guaranteed to stay in force until age one hundred and twenty, literally.

We represent 2 major US life carriers that have agreed to issue policies to Israeli residents at the very best US rates. This represents a tremendous opportunity for residents of Israel that have a need for economically priced guaranteed financial liquidity.

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