Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration

BenManage makes benefits easy

Imagine a world where benefits administration takes place with the push of a button. BenManage is a full suite of automated HR tools that lets technology handle the processing. By integrating onboarding, benefits, and payroll, we create a streamlined system that cuts out the data entry. Your HR team can now focus on productivity instead of paper work, and your workforce will enjoy increased morale.

Would you like to streamline your HR department?

BenManage integrates applicant tracking, onboarding, benefit enrollment, and payroll to deliver a stunning one-touch system. Your team will become more productive with greatly reduced data entry and the virtual elimination of user mistakes.

You and your employees will always enjoy a seamless benefits experience. With our remote option and dedicated Chromebook kiosks, employees can continue receiving benefits even in lockdown.

Get the Work Opportunity Tax Credit you’re entitled to when hiring qualified employees. BenManage automatically screens each employee for eligibility and processes the necessary forms.

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    Carriers and Integration Partners

    We are proud to integrate with the leading names in the payroll, benefits, and human resource industries. To reduce redundant and manual data entry, our system integrations ensure data-synchronization between third-party systems. We are always eager to develop integration with additional partners in order to move your data between systems seamlessly and securely.