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Life Insurance

Why buy us Life Insurance?


Life insurance sold in Israel today is far inferior to that which is sold in the USA in terms of both price and product quality. Whereas a US resident can enjoy risk/term life insurance at very affordable prices with contracts that guarantee no increase in premium for 10/15/20/25 and even 30 years, similarly healthy residents of Israel pay an initial premium as much as 3 to 4 times as high and the cost goes up each policy year.

Example 1:

40 year old male, 30 Years of Life Insurance Coverage

Example 2:

50 year old male, 20 Years of Life Insurance Coverage

Example 3:

60 year old male, 10 Years of Life Insurance Coverage

US residents also have the ability to purchase lifetime guaranteed level premium life insurance coverage for permanent liquidity needs. No such policy even exists in Israel today.


The problem is that virtually no US carrier will underwrite or issue a life policy on a resident of Israel.


We represent 2 major US life carriers that have agreed to issue life insurance on qualified residents of Israel at their very best US rates. This represents a tremendous opportunity for residents of Israel that have a need/desire for economically priced guaranteed financial liquidity at death.


The problem is that while it is permitted under Israel law for residents of Israel to purchase/own US life insurance, it is not permitted for non-Israel admitted (licensed) carriers to sell their products in Israel. Therefore, it is necessary for prospective purchasers to travel to the US (sometimes Switzerland) to actually purchase the policy which requires the completion and signing of an application and a medical exam.