Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits

Life Insurance

Spetner can help you choose the voluntary benefits that will be most attractive to your employees. Then, BenManage can seamlessly automate enrollment and renewals.

Term Life Insurance

Provides temporary insurance coverage for a specified period of time. Term Life allows each employee to obtain large amounts of protection at a very affordable price to keep the employee’s family financially whole in the event of the employee’s death.

Universal Life Insurance

Provides a permanent level premium life insurance combined with a tax-deferred cash value account. Permanent insurance gives your employees life insurance protection with the opportunity to accumulate savings for the long term. The advantages of Universal Life are flexible premium and/or death benefit options. Universal Life may be offered with a variety of “Living Benefits” that include:

Long-term Care

The need for long-term care can strike at any age, and the cost can be devastating. Long-Term Care covers the cost of care in the event that your employee or a covered family member is in need of assistance performing activities of daily living. We offer a variety of plans that provide benefits while in a nursing facility, in an adult day care center, or at home. This benefit provides your employees with peace of mind when a family member is in need of daily care. It is also a benefit for you, the employer, because your valued employee can now show up to work every day knowing that their loved one is receiving the care needed.

Disability Income Protection

A disabling sickness or injury could wipe out your employees’ assets if they are not financially prepared. We can help you customize an insurance program for your employees that will help replace their income if they become disabled and cannot work.

Provides income to employees when they are temporarily off work because of an injury or illness that is not work related (usually less than six months).

Provides income to employees in the event they are no longer able to work due to injury- related injury or illness for an extended period of time.

Legal Services

A sudden need for legal services can overwhelm an employee. Spetner offers a voluntary legal plan that provides affordable and comprehensive legal services. From adoption assistance to identity theft, employees who enroll in this program have access to free or discounted legal services from participating attorneys. Changes in life are inevitable; give your employees the assurance that only a prepaid legal program can provide.

Dental Care

After health coverage, the most requested benefit by employees is dental care coverage. Spetner can help you secure a quality dental care program for your employees and their families. We work with a variety of insurance companies that offer dental products, which range from indemnity to PPO and DHMO. These programs provide access to highly qualified dentists, who have practices in locations that are convenient to your employees, at an affordable price. We will develop a plan tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your employees.

Vision Care

Spetner’s vision care program offers professional vision care with access to thousands of providers, including private practice and retail optical providers. The plan may include routine eye exams, basic eyewear, and contact lens discounts.

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